Every now and then I am on the look out for a good website. Do you remember the websites of the past (not so many years ago), when personal homepages consisted of links to your favorite artist’s website, links to cool things you like (perhaps a link to Mercedes Benz) or Yahoo!, a little shrine on the web for your sweetheart, or Remember the prehistoric days of the Web, when a personal home page consisted of some kid’s Knight Rider pictures, a tribute to Aerosmith, and a shrine to some Hollywood actresses that you think might marry you one day… all embalmed in one. Not to mention the spinning visitor count and all those annoying blinks and flashy icons. But here is a website (http://rtm86.com) which really is something very different and cool, it’s a virtual trip of one smart teenager’s creative side. Taking simple photographs and lots of use of objects and the felt-tip marker, this website is a nice touch for the sore eyes. Do visit it, for I am sure you will enjoy it, and if you have some time, send him an email appreciating his efforts.

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