I’ve always had this love-affair with reading blogs and to some limited extent, writing them as well. I have participated in many blogs, posting comments, etc. but only am now starting to grasp the responsibility of having a successful blogs – continuous updates!!! (indeed).
Blogging is so powerful, sometimes I think of it like a circle. Zero degrees being representative of the starting point and 359 degrees being the full-force of the blog. Sometimes I think people miss the whole concept and the power rationale behind blogging. They in turn do a 360 – start at the same place where they are.

I’m not too sure how many Pakistani’s are actively blogging away, its something I’m working on – slowly discovering websites and blogs. I’m always amazed by the sheer enthusiasm by some countries, particularly Iranians. Iranians are perhaps the most effervescent, closely knit, jovial, talking-debating people I’ve come across. It is no small wonder that if you were to visit avenues on the Internet like IRC, PalTalk, Orkit, etc. you will notice how these wonderful people dominate and take full advantage of the Internet to connect to each other and all those around them.

One of the most interesting blogs I’ve read is by Hossein Derakhshan (aka Hoder), you can read his blog in English (or Persian if you can understand it) at Within Hoder’s blog you can find an extensive list of other Iranian bloggers.

Another person whose blog I accidentally discovered whilst searching for information on Ryuichi Sakamoto is a fellow called Joi Ito (which can be seen at His blog also represents an interesting read, particularly more so because he’s somehow involved in technology (and hangs out with Ryuichi Sakamoto).

One other blog I’d like to mention is in Dutch. The blog of Charis – which can be seen at is a beautifully designed blog. I guess from 1997 through 2002 Charis was running a web cam in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She was doing this on a daily basis and developed a huge fan base all over the world and became pretty famous for it. She went inert for about two years or so and now is back with her web log. This woman has one exquisite taste when it comes to imagination and aesthetics.

The whole global village thingy comes alive when I read more blogs and equally participate in commenting on other’s blogs. There’s just so much happening – thankfully the blogging world is recording it away in some manner.

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