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It seems there is literally a monopoly in Pakistan when it comes to books/magazines. Liberty Books ( seems to be the de facto player in the market.
Now to compete with Liberty Books head-on would require massive cash-infusion, tricks-of-the-trade on learning the books business, etc. So you can do one of three things…

1. Compete ahead with Liberty Books and open your own bookstore (cash intensive)

2. Go into the old-books business (online). Surely there is a market for old/used books online. There is a bit of work involved in putting the inventory online, but well worth it.

3. If it were up to me, I would join hands with Liberty Books and ask them to be my back-end supplier and use their inventory and pricing to my advantage. As far as Liberty Books are concerned…they need sales!

Plain and simple.

If they have half-a-brain, they would jump on this opportunity if presented to them.

I sure hope someone comes in – joins forces with them and launches a kick-ass service. I have already thought of a good name for this business – Book Republic :)

Good luck to anyone who implements it.

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  1. Syed Fahim Inaam

    I love the name Book Republic very reminiscent of Banana Republic (which we actually are).As I ponder over this ventures commercial success, reality kicks in as this country is and will remain cowan and primitive. There will be only a minuscule audience but an audience nevertheless.

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