Not Junk!

I have a friend of mine that loves to collect stuff (actually we all love to collect stuff). But this particular friend of mine doesn’t just collect anything, he’s collecting essentially ethnic pieces that are old. He’s doing this primarily because he like antiques and the sorts and wants his new house to be reflective of that.
Whilst sitting with him one evening, and admiring all his gold… an idea struck me – surely all this is worth something – so I inquired and his reply was “Yes, to an astute collector – its worth something …otherwise people don’t have the foggiest of clue as to its pricing”.

I could hardly contain my excitement and went ahead an asked my second question… Is this stuff easy to find?

“Sure! Plentiful!” was his answer.

Put 2 and 2 together, here I see 22.

If there is a supply source, and you can source these goods, why not open an online store that sells such ethnic antiques. Just for a little added clarification – they are not antiques antiques per se, but close.

I am sure there are home-owners, antique lovers and collectors alike out there that would just love to get their hands on something like this – if only they had a source selling such items.

The investment would not be monumental, and this is a niche – so not much competition here as well. If done properly, I think this is something that is worth a shot and can be revenue generating.

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