Open Letter to the President of Pakistan

Dear Mr. President,
I’m perhaps one of the biggest fans of your government, but I simply cannot come to terms with the way your Government has totally mismanaged the affairs of the Mukhtar Mai case. A woman was raped – her rapists go scot free, we cannot provide her justice and to add salt on the wounds, we put “HER” name on the black list. With regret, I would like to add, your concern of being able to “stop” her from going abroad to bad-mouth Pakistan has totally failed. In this day and age, the world is coming to her and getting her story. Pakistan is being bad-mouthed more because of the ridiculous impositions set on this woman. Lets face reality, she was raped and our laws cannot protect her. Lets not try to hide under some false curtain. You’ve been pretty candid about other issues in Pakistan, why try to aggravate the bees so to speak.

ANY (emphasis supplied), logical, reasoned, human being would have faulted your judgement and handling in this case. I hope you will take the necessary steps and help her cause as opposed to becoming a hurdle for her. As a rule I remember the army is suppose to fight for its people who are too weak to fight for themselves. You are to fight for Mukhtar Mai!

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