I was hanging with my friends this weekend, and all these could talk about was how to build up the testosterone levels that had been on a low within them. The weekend was literally yak yak yak of guns, cars, jeeps, cars, guns, cars, shikar, some bach-chee, 4×4, off-roading places, booze, etc.
There was such a disconnect. Let me explain. I don’t know why but out of the blue I mentioned about my blog and for the life of me I did not understand why some people find it so hard to comprehend as to what a blog is.

My friends — were clueless! Just arguing with me -as to why I would have a blog in the first place!!! As I said – it was a testosterone building weekend, nothing I could do would persuade them to talk about blogs, etc.

In the end what did I do – same things as the roman – when in rome….

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