7 thoughts on “Letters flung across the borders…”

  1. i read those letters and found them written by some “teenagers”. however, one thing was common in them, that nobody wants war, everybody wants LIFE… and that is the best part of them.amir

  2. Amir Ali Tayyab, KO is not a teenager. I have found him to be smarter and more intelligent than my chemistry prof. I am not sure about the indian fellow though. KO’s letter was really important and right on the money :)

  3. I agree. The reply was nice (at least I liked it – regardless of what others may think). The way I see it – KO replied back – other’s did not! If they want to crib about it – they can do so in their own corner.FK

  4. Hi,The link “A letter to the Indian people” doesn’t lead to anywhere. Can you please tell from where can I get the reply. I just read the letter to Pakistani and I am sort of burning up, suppose you can show me the reply just to cool me off a bit?? :grin: Otherwise, I might start a looong reply myself. :)Bye.

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