Month: July 2005

Yes I did.

To those who asked… yes, as a kid, I attended Convent of Jesus & Mary in Clifton, Karachi. From Prep 1 & 2, Class 1 thru 5. Just when I started liking girls, I got shipped out to a boarding school in England. I tell you, there is nothing like being in Class 1 and …

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Its the Font!

I keep telling people, pay attention to the font. Here is the text of a wonderful speech that Steve Jobs (CEO / Co-founder of Apple) made at Stanford University.

Who Am I?

Spiderman! Nah! I ain’t spiderman. Someone sent me an email asking “Who am I?”. Asking me to sum 34 years of life in some short sentences. Well – here is one version. I’m the guy who if you meet will tell you all sorts of tales, stories, episodes, cross-conversational “you know that happened to me …

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