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Weddings take place almost all throughout the year. Wedding cards are perhaps the epic core of all such events. It seems to me that there might be a market for placing of wedding card orders on the internet. I am sure there is a HUGE market out there in the Middle East, North America, UK/Europe where desi parents would like to have the facility to simply go to some website, see the latest prevailing card designs in Pakistan. Fill in a few keystrokes and voila! Wedding cards are now enroute to you.
Farfetched? I don’t think so. Just a matter of timing and ease of use for all.

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  1. I think this is a really good idea!All the desi parents hate spending too much money on wedding invitations (because they are expensive in other countries). They also want the “chamki /doli /ghora / dulhan” designs…..

    Hope someone will benefit from this!

  2. i think its a great idea!what if someone wants to start a small scale business of printing cards.. you think its possible in karachi ?please give me some ideas and suggestions.. i really would like to start this business!it’ll be of great help if you also provide me with ways of start-up .hope to see your reply soon Mr. Faisal khan.thanks.

    1. Nida: I don’t think it will be a pragmatic idea of starting a printing business, there are already enough of them already. What you can bring to the table is unique proposition, that is your IP (Intellectual Property) by means of design / creativity. An easy way to start up would be to amass a significant amount of funding that you will spend on online advertising. Facebook advertising woks too, but you really need to target the ethnicity that is ex-pat.A normal website with a checkout mechanism from say would suffice. If you need more info, you can always email fk at faisalkhan dot com

  3. okay. thanks alot for your suggesstion!=)but you see im just 18 now, im thinking of starting a little too early in life and be able to pay for my expenses.i have a group of 4 friends and we are all thinking of starting something but when we think of anything , we end up with a no.i guess theres not a lot of problem with the finance, but starting as small would be the best for us.i would want you to give us a few ideas about several types of small scale business suitable for our age. i know i may be sounding weird when im saying im 18 and i want to start a business with my friends. but ive been thinking of it for a long time and now ive decided that i really do want to and will do something. INSHALAH !…that too with you helping us with your ideas and suggesstions !

    1. Give desi stock photography bank a shot. None exists right now.Google for “stock photography” – or visit sites like Corbis. Get people (children, men, women all ages) in different scenarios and shoot pictures with a digital camera (a professional camera set / person would be required). Watermark these images and ‘lease’ them on a website. Everyone needs ‘desi’ images. If say you are able to sell (rather lease the entire collection) to 20 companies at $100/month (unlimited access), that’s like $2000/month. Advertising agencies go for it. Freelance photographers can add to your library by giving you their work, and you can do a revenue sharing deal with them. Your collection would need to be 1,000-2,000 images to start out with.

      There is a post elsewhere on this blog – I’ll have to dig it up – and that is for an Internet (only) radio station. Read that as well.

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