You won’t forget this flash animation.

Its small – cute, work safe, no nudity. Watch it for like 3-4 minutes and the song: Badger! Badger! Badger! Badger! Badger! Badger! Badger! Mushroom! Mushroom! won’t get out of your head.

1 thought on “You won’t forget this flash animation.”

  1. hey there. you left a comment on my blog. thank you. i love your blog theme. especially the picture. it’s awesome :grin:. that link you posted up is hilarious, but annoying at the same time:razz:. you mentioned taking photographs of muscians. i dream of doing that. not only while they’re playing but in terms of model photography too. i know some muscians but from a distance. i don’t want to be too foward to ask them if i could take a shot at photographing them. they may just think i’m some weird fan. and waisay bhi it’s so hard to find people who will let me photograph them, regardless of the idea’s in my head that i would so love to bring to life. everyone is so camera shy these days. waisay bhi i’m just a beginner. i plan to my masters in photography after my undergrad in architecture. phir i’ll come to pakistan and forcibly take photo’s of musicians. hahahaha :mrgreen:. wish me luck. acha this is getting very long. take care! and thanks again. keep visiting though :cool:

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