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I’ve come to the conclusion – that I need to offer free blog hosting… and kick-ass templates for blogs. I know so many people who would like to have their blogs on my server (yes! for free!). Only thing is I simply cannot come up with a name. I offered the guy who is selling blogistan.com $1,000 he turned me down. He wants $7,500 (which I think is crazy!).
Another blog friend of mine suggested the word “blogyaar.com” – which is not a bad name (considering!). You know what the funny thing was – yesterday (Thursday) I got 848 visitors to my blog – where the heck are these people coming from? at least leave a comment! This was so totally unexpected! Man I guess people (just like me), kinda like the idea of skip-hopping here and there – reading blogs!

Any ways, if you folks come up with a good name – do let me know – I’ll buy it and set up the blog (for free) for anyone who wants to blog. Granted places like LiveJournal, Blogspot, Blogger are cool, but I am sure I can do better as far as design is concerned. Here is a blog, so simply and colorful, I don’t know why I just like it – even though its in Dutch in lieu of English. I’m thinking of getting a commercial license for Sixapart’s Moveable Type Blogs. But I desperately need a nice blog name. Lets just dispense with name like pakistanblog.com or pkblog.com, etc. too cliche if you ask me.

So folks – puh-lease think of a nice name and let me know.

*bows* and exits stage from left! :)

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  1. :mrgreen:well i leave a comment. lol :lol: anyhow that fact that you’re gonna offer free blogs and kick-ass templates is so cool. i shall join too. since i can’t fix up my photo-blog ( i’m having problems editing it and making it look cool) i’ll just transfer it to your blog domain. if that’s possible. can i give design suggestions too? please!!!!!! pretty please. lolso you need names? well i was thinking. this is what i came up with.

    bloghop.comblogdog.com, lol

    you know how they say ‘homeboy and homegirl’ how about homeblog? lol.yeah i know they’re cheesy. go ahead and scrutinize me. haha. my imagination is on vacation for now.

    and since you took a bow. here is a standing ovation :razz:

  2. Natasha, blogdog – ummm lets pass this one. I loved the idea of using the name bloghop.com – but its unavailable – somebody’s taken that already.Homeblog.com – that too is unavailable. Yeah – an I’m all open for design suggestions – shoot!

    Right now – only blogyaar.com seems to be available, and sure I can do better than that.


    (that’s Keep In Touch/Peace – Or Peaches!)


  3. Faisal—use a punjabi connotation. like blogji. bloogyaara. blogoye. as such.best of luck in your search…keep blooging.aYeShA.

  4. I say stick with something classic. blogyaar etc they might be catchy to only those who have a childish attitude; unless you want only them to come.

  5. blogoye.com sounds kinds nice. not too childish either. i agree with the comment above, blogyaar may be catchy, but you need something that is how shall I say – well balanced? Now you must find a name quickly, i’ve been reading blogs (i read your funny website links a lot!!!), now even i feel like starting a blog.

  6. TDH: I agree. Perhaps you can suggest a name?SaimaSays: I got your email with the names suggested, as upsetting as this may sound – ALL of them are taken (the domain names I mean). So – back to the think pad for you SS.

  7. bloghop.com is unavailable? no fair:cry:. i shall have to do some more brainstorming. luck is not on my side for now. oh well lets see what we come up with. and designs? i need some more info waisay. i’ll mail you about it. if that’s ok with you?i’m pestering my mamoo’s to give me suggestions on names. this shall be interesting. lol:mrgreen:

  8. well I bought the following names so far:alfaaz.comblogoye.comblogyaar.com

    I am going to add it on my list….so users can choose any domain name they want their blog on.

  9. Hi FKbloggeristan.com is availabe :roll:blogna.com, blogisphere.com – taken!blogritis.com, blogsphemy.com, bloginian.com, blogITANIC.com – All Available!

    Maybe we need to have a brainstorming session at the beach.

    PS. Help needed to setup my personal blog


  10. Khurram: I like blogsphemy.com – I just bought it.As far as your personal blog is concerned, shift the domain over and I’ll have my office folks set it up.


  11. hii just wanted to know about blogging stuff and ended on this page. i don’t know if i’ll be joining it…. but anyways forget it for the time being…so u want to have a cool name….i can suggest u a few…how about blogbuster! or blogworld….or perhaps blogandrock! hope u like it!fati

  12. Fatima: thank you for your recommendations. Only blogandrock.com was available, all others are (sadly!) taken….and get on the blogging bandwagon! its soo much fun!

  13. well, i’m glad that u found one of them…anyways i’m quite interested in this blogging stuff but i need to know more….i liked your blog very much…hope u keep up the good work!fati

  14. Fatima: Nothing more to learn about blogging – rather experiene it for yourself. You’re reading blogs, that’s 50% of the task – the remainder 50% is making your ownblog and typing away. Do note, everyone feels all pumped up about blogging and create a blog, only to let it gather dust later on. It takes a bit of doing.

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