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I’ve come to the conclusion – that I need to offer free blog hosting… and kick-ass templates for blogs. I know so many people who would like to have their blogs on my server (yes! for free!). Only thing is I simply cannot come up with a name. I offered the guy who is selling blogistan.com $1,000 he turned me down. He wants $7,500 (which I think is crazy!).
Another blog friend of mine suggested the word “blogyaar.com” – which is not a bad name (considering!). You know what the funny thing was – yesterday (Thursday) I got 848 visitors to my blog – where the heck are these people coming from? at least leave a comment! This was so totally unexpected! Man I guess people (just like me), kinda like the idea of skip-hopping here and there – reading blogs!

Any ways, if you folks come up with a good name – do let me know – I’ll buy it and set up the blog (for free) for anyone who wants to blog. Granted places like LiveJournal, Blogspot, Blogger are cool, but I am sure I can do better as far as design is concerned. Here is a blog, so simply and colorful, I don’t know why I just like it – even though its in Dutch in lieu of English. I’m thinking of getting a commercial license for Sixapart’s Moveable Type Blogs. But I desperately need a nice blog name. Lets just dispense with name like pakistanblog.com or pkblog.com, etc. too cliche if you ask me.

So folks – puh-lease think of a nice name and let me know.

*bows* and exits stage from left! :)

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  • :mrgreen:well i leave a comment. lol :lol: anyhow that fact that you’re gonna offer free blogs and kick-ass templates is so cool. i shall join too. since i can’t fix up my photo-blog ( i’m having problems editing it and making it look cool) i’ll just transfer it to your blog domain. if that’s possible. can i give design suggestions too? please!!!!!! pretty please. lolso you need names? well i was thinking. this is what i came up with.

    bloghop.comblogdog.com, lol

    you know how they say ‘homeboy and homegirl’ how about homeblog? lol.yeah i know they’re cheesy. go ahead and scrutinize me. haha. my imagination is on vacation for now.

    and since you took a bow. here is a standing ovation :razz:

  • Natasha, blogdog – ummm lets pass this one. I loved the idea of using the name bloghop.com – but its unavailable – somebody’s taken that already.Homeblog.com – that too is unavailable. Yeah – an I’m all open for design suggestions – shoot!

    Right now – only blogyaar.com seems to be available, and sure I can do better than that.


    (that’s Keep In Touch/Peace – Or Peaches!)


  • Faisal—use a punjabi connotation. like blogji. bloogyaara. blogoye. as such.best of luck in your search…keep blooging.aYeShA.

  • I say stick with something classic. blogyaar etc they might be catchy to only those who have a childish attitude; unless you want only them to come.

  • blogoye.com sounds kinds nice. not too childish either. i agree with the comment above, blogyaar may be catchy, but you need something that is how shall I say – well balanced? Now you must find a name quickly, i’ve been reading blogs (i read your funny website links a lot!!!), now even i feel like starting a blog.

  • TDH: I agree. Perhaps you can suggest a name?SaimaSays: I got your email with the names suggested, as upsetting as this may sound – ALL of them are taken (the domain names I mean). So – back to the think pad for you SS.

  • bloghop.com is unavailable? no fair:cry:. i shall have to do some more brainstorming. luck is not on my side for now. oh well lets see what we come up with. and designs? i need some more info waisay. i’ll mail you about it. if that’s ok with you?i’m pestering my mamoo’s to give me suggestions on names. this shall be interesting. lol:mrgreen:

  • well I bought the following names so far:alfaaz.comblogoye.comblogyaar.com

    I am going to add it on my list….so users can choose any domain name they want their blog on.

  • Hi FKbloggeristan.com is availabe :roll:blogna.com, blogisphere.com – taken!blogritis.com, blogsphemy.com, bloginian.com, blogITANIC.com – All Available!

    Maybe we need to have a brainstorming session at the beach.

    PS. Help needed to setup my personal blog


  • Khurram: I like blogsphemy.com – I just bought it.As far as your personal blog is concerned, shift the domain over and I’ll have my office folks set it up.


  • hii just wanted to know about blogging stuff and ended on this page. i don’t know if i’ll be joining it…. but anyways forget it for the time being…so u want to have a cool name….i can suggest u a few…how about blogbuster! or blogworld….or perhaps blogandrock! hope u like it!fati

  • Fatima: thank you for your recommendations. Only blogandrock.com was available, all others are (sadly!) taken….and get on the blogging bandwagon! its soo much fun!

  • well, i’m glad that u found one of them…anyways i’m quite interested in this blogging stuff but i need to know more….i liked your blog very much…hope u keep up the good work!fati

  • Fatima: Nothing more to learn about blogging – rather experiene it for yourself. You’re reading blogs, that’s 50% of the task – the remainder 50% is making your ownblog and typing away. Do note, everyone feels all pumped up about blogging and create a blog, only to let it gather dust later on. It takes a bit of doing.

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