Happy Birthday to Me.

Yes. Its my birthday today! Today I turn 35 years old.

One of my friend called me up in the morning and wished me Happy 36 – (needless to say he was teasing), but I told him to FO anyway!

BIG difference in 36 and 35.

I still feel like 24.

Any how – my son, Omer Mikhail Khan was the first person to wish me – since he’s barely 4 years old, he did not know why there was no cake, candles, people, etc., and why the heck was mama wishing him at midnight.

But Omer wishing me – was like totally awesome! An out of this world experience.

I indend to have a good day at the office today! (I’m getting interviewed by GEO).

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me.”

  1. Many Happy returns of the day.Many Many Congratulations.

    Belated Happy Birthday

    I had my birthday about a week back and I know how it feels when your kid wishes you birthday :smile: Awesome!!!!

    How was the trip to Dxb? Heard it was terribly hot up there.

    How was your interview with GEO and when is it getting on-air?

  2. Interview airs on Geo’s TechTalk (I think its on Friday – 10PM), Don’t know if it will be this Friday or what.I leave for DXB on Sunday :)

  3. happy belated b-day!!! :razz:. sorry for being late though:oops:. age is just a number and the wrinkles on your face, well they’re just wrinkles. LOL:mrgreen:. my mamoo is the same age, he’s turning 36 in december. hahaha, he’s bummed about it too:lol:and i don’t have GEO here. along with INDUS MUSIC. that’ so not cool :sad:

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