Month: October 2005

Mahir wants to kiss you!

Here is one of those crazy-ass website, that is simply getting to much attention. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to read what’s written in the paragraph. This guy is getting some serious hits.

Are you that good in bed that I need to bulletproof it?

Well – not really. But if you are worried about chemical attacks, protection from natural disaster (impotency?), protection from serial killers, et. al., and bullets… you might want to check this website out. The Quantum-Sleeper is just that – a bio-chemically safe, bullet resistant, earthquake proof….. bed?!?!?!?! Only in America.

Can you handle life?

This website: OGRISH.COM is one messy website. It has images and videos of people dying or shot at, murdered, suicide, killed in bomb explosions, hit-and-run, etc. Like the website’s title says – Can you handle life? Not Work Safe. May Contain Nudity. Highly Graphic. You have been warned.

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