To get an update on what’s happening on the earthquake front, Sabeen from BITS has put up a site. Do visit it.
Also, PLEASE do do your part. Don’t merely write about it. Donate! Give to those who need our desperate help.

May Allah grant eternal peace to all the departed souls, and grant strength to those in suffering. Ameen.

Pakistan Zindabad.



2 thoughts on “Earthquake.”

  • You too .. do your part. Sorry? You did/are? Well then, so am I.Mr. Khan, I know and I totally understand that reading and covering the headlines arent enough — it’s simply not enough, but you must realize that a lot of the people (including myself) while updating the event — are also pushing out their best for the betterment of others. From where I am right now (and it’s very fortunate), the best I can do is to donate to the organizations that are sending the reliefs and helping build the lives in Muzaffarabad.I dont know why .. but I didnt like the way you commented on my blog. Need I mention what im doing for my people? P.S And for the sake of information, I just might.Take Care.And remember to do your part. :mad:

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