I was reading a couple of books regarding the Internet world as it today, and a thought came to my mind. Why am I going to write on it? I don’t know…Imagine a scenario, where-by the world leaders decide that their will be no more visa requirements. Anyone can go anywhere without any visa. Not only can you go anywhere, you can opt to stay there if you like, yes, immigrate!
Intoxicating thought isn’t it? Well I’ve been thinking more and more about this scenario and trying to juxtapose it to the Open-Border Internet that we have? What will it do? Before I try to explain in my own words as to what will happen, let me say – I support open-borders philosophy. Why do I support it? – towards the end of the article I will explain.

So back to open-borders…this means a family from Rawalpindi or Gujarat, can migrate to Chicago, tomorrow – all they need is a valid passport, money for the flight, and need to pack their stuff up and they are off.

Here is what will happen: China, India, Pakistan, a vast majority of the African countries, South East Asia, considerable parts of Middle East, Russia, Central Asian Republics, Eastern Europe, pretty much entire South America will see one of the world largest exodus to a couple of places: America/Canada, UK/Western Europe and Australia.

I’m sure you too might opt to go to Switzerland or Denver, Colorado, or somewhere in Melbourne, Australia. You would have to wait for months because flights are heavily booked. You will even consider an ocean-going vessel, but so have millions of others like you. The wait is long – perhaps 1-2 years, but long. The price of premium “I want to fly now!” tickets will sky-rocket. It would be suffice to say a one-way ticket from Karachi to New York would probably be going fifty times its price right now if not more! Why you ask? Global demand for travel simply spikes. Demand for aviation fuel soars. Refining capacity is very limited. So is the logistical capacity. People will even pack their cars and trucks and head onto their destinations by road. Airports capacity would be choked. But the exodus will continue nonetheless.

Businesses in the West would boom! In fact the English dictionary doesn’t even have a word for such a boom. Demand for furniture, cars, groceries, etc. would sky rocket. Your typical supply countries like India, China, Far-East, etc. would love it – but finding labor ought not to be a problem as the common man cannot afford to leave just yet. Entrepreneurs will extrapolate the situation and this is what they might see. Two billion people decide to move to the West (if not more). Huge margins for winter clothing. Blankets. Bed sheets. Furniture. Electronics. Cars and god knows what else. Entrepreneurs (specially industrialists) would stay put. I doubt many of them would be leaving anytime soon. This is the time to make money.

For the stressed family that moved to Chicago. Rents go through the roof. Finding a place to stay becomes next to impossible. Housing boom in the West is so spiked, that the waiting list is just unbelievable. A studio apartment in the suburbs of Chicago which use to rent for $800/month is now going for $3,000 per month! Why, because people are willing to pay. Demand far supercedes supply. Basic Economics. Tenants who have their leases renewing are worried! Seriously worried. Chinese and Indian immigrants make the best use of run-down apartment buildings and shacks. There is hardly a flyover in the US without a family not living underneath it. Mexicans from Mexico (one of the first countries to experience the exodus) populates the US with itself. Small houses where one’s cousin had lived are now being shared with perhaps 12-15 people.

The name of the game is conformity. At first there is joy! Freedom to travel! Then the chaos… everyone wants to get out and go West. Once they get there because of the sheer demand and problems that happen with mass exodus, jobs, groceries, parking, commuting, supplies, housing, schools, drinking water, etc. are all in short supplies in the larger cities. Instantly the fewest fad would be to go to Rural Europe or Rural America. The same thing happens. Small towns suddenly see every conceivable race in their neighborhoods and nothing they can do about it. Opportunists like business men, take advantage of this new labor pool (of which there is a gross excess) and are able to set their own terms and conditions for employment. People are willing to work for left-over crumbs! Open-border exploitation!

Then the reality hits in. People begin to do some calculations – where they would be better off. Many make the decision that perhaps its good to stay in the West for a short period but not to live here forever. Why? Sooner or later – money has to run out! Money the global buying unit – is what many of the immigrants are left without. If a soda costs 35 cents in the US (or its equivalent in Europe) now, it would cost a whole lot more may $1.50 or more. Food that use to be cheap – is now expensive. No more $1.99 meals. The cheapest meal one can get from a fast-food outlet (if you are lucky enough to be served whiles supplies last) is now $14.99

Riots would inevitable break out. Law and order has a quantity restraint. The sheer number of people and the continuing influx cannot be met with the current size of the Police force, etc. It would be fair to say since the day of the announcement – of Open-Borders, the coming 5-7 years would be chaotic, competitive, disorganized, traumatic, and for some… plain hell.

Slowly – the survival of the fittest would remain. Many would go bankrupt and be evicted, or opt to return. All the empty planes coming back to Mumbai or Karachi or Beijing to ferry more people to the West would be offering next to nothing rates for coming home.

The thought would slowly settle – if one has the freedom to travel anywhere anytime – just do that – travel anytime, but no need to immediately immigrate. I can bet you your bottom dollar you will see a lot of people in the Third World / Under-developed countries get rich of this new travel arrangement. A lot many millionaires in the US, would end up buying acres upon acres of land in Pakistan, Kenya, etc. to have their own little peaceful paradise.

Such a scenario is not impossible. Okay perhaps a better way of putting it is – its like quantum mechanics. Its possible, but not probable in your or my lifetime. But seriously think about it – what if this were to happen. When you have chaos, science automatically introduces something called conformity, where by, the chaos becomes orderly and the swings dampen down. I think with all these problems we are facing in the world, where everyone is doing something or the other to get out and migrate, visit, travel, roam-about, discover, get-away-from-it-all, take-a-break, explore, etc. Perhaps open-borders could very well be the answer to our solutions. I am sure, some think tank out there, perhaps the likes of GBN have already thought about this scenario.

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