4 thoughts on “Top Ten”

  1. hahaha! an awesome one!Do finish the list when you’re done with the habit, and do not forget to change the title of that list to: ‘My Top Ten List of Why I ProcrastinatED’.Then go on with ..’And how do I know that i’ve improved?”I’ve managed to complete the list, right there!’


    that was just good!

  2. well… i have many reasons to procrastinate, some of them include;1. a cute woman2. a naughty kid3. a singing bird4. intersting talk5. some ideas to “change” our current lives6. having too many goals7. SHORT-TERM goals8. sitting on a 5Ws, WHAT, WHO, WHY, WHERE, HOW9. thinking too much10. visiting FAISALKHAN.COM



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