Khori Garden

I finally decided to go to Khori Garden with two of my friends today. It was needless to say a hot day outside and we decided to leave for it when the sun was right up there. Got there and found out (to no surprise) that there was no power anywhere. With sweat beading all over and zero wind, we managed to sample a few book shops – ended up buying six books there for Rs. 280. Not a bad deal at all. Even on a Saturday, there were thousands of people – man you want a sample of the over-population problem in Pakistan and Karachi in particular… just pay a visit to Khori Garden. As the heat was too much for us to bear, we decided to make a quick exit and head on over to “Super Old Books” on Kh-e-Shamsheer (where we also happened to witness a Minivan-Civic-Motorcycle accident. Luckily no one was hurt, but a few were shook up.

Super Old Books (right in front of Khadda Market in Phase V), had a decent collection of books, and to no surprise when we entered the shop – no electricity! Ended up picking quite a few books (if not all that were available of Alaister MacLean and James Michener) and a few more – all-in-all 14 more books for Rs. 800. So ended the day by increasing the library size by 20 books for Rs. 1080. Not a bad deal (minus the petrol and heat). :)

I wish there were more used book shops in Karachi. If anyone knows and would care to share – please do so here.

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  1. I’m not sure how long ago you wrote this bu Im wondering if this market is still thee or no? I know a few booksellers, mostly those who sell on sidewalk etc, are no longer allowed to sell like this in some areas. Any help would be appreciated.Thankshasan

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