I’m fascinated by the world of webcams – they are all over the world – yet sadly in Pakistan – to my last recollection there was only one! ONE!!! Can you imagine that. Why can’t we have webcams up and running so that folks all over the world can view them. So here is what I am going to do. I’m going to donate IP cameras and provide video streaming services. All I need is good folks to volunteer their locations for such cams to be placed. You must have some sort of Internet connectivity – even – dial-up will do, and you must have decent power. I already have a domain registered for this purpose. Once we have like 2-3 cameras up and running, we will turn the domain on. At present I am looking for locations in Karachi. Please do pitch in and spread the word if you know of someone how may be willing to host the camera.

3 thoughts on “Web-cams!”

  1. Hi! Awesome idea! I have a wifi network at home connected to a desi cablenet service, however, connectivity is better than most cablenet walas. I’m also looking to buy an IP camera, although one with a wifi interface rather than ethernet, for surveillance purposes. Might also put one on the roof, although the view is not as good. I wonder if I can expose an IP camera to the internet from behind a firewall?

  2. If you have an IP camera as it – you woul dnot need to put it behind any computer, its a plug-and-watch device as it is. However, you can do and play with it – to do port mapping with it.FK

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