Do you know who Tomaz Humar is? You should!

It has happened on so many occasions that after dinner (usually with some friends) we inadvertently end up talking about “beautiful Pakistan” and exploring it. Of late it seems, I have been narrating the story of Tomaz Humar again and again much to the fascination of the audience. For those of you who don’t know who Tomaz Humar is – he is a world-renowned Slovenian mountaineer and last year (2005) he was trapped on our famous Nanga Parbat Mountain at 6,000m (that’s 18,000 feet). He was trapped on a side wall – barely 12 inches wide for almost seven days.

His heroic rescue was echoed all over the world (via blogs and otherwise) and won many warm-felt accolades for our country and specially the two men, who are the unsung heros – Lt Col Rashidullah and Maj Khalid, of Pakistan Army Aviation – who broke world records for the highest even rescue mission that went above and beyond the operating ceiling of the helicopters that were used.

Every mountaineer has “his” mountain that beckons him back…for Tomaz Humar …its the Nanga Parbat.

You absolutely must read this story and also click on Tomaz Humar’s website and check out the photographs of this daring and amazing rescue that went on for almost seven days.

We have a beautiful country and people from far corners of this earth comes to see its beauty, pity we those who live here… don’t.

Pakistan Zindabad.

4 thoughts on “Do you know who Tomaz Humar is? You should!”

  1. Yes indeed. A salute is well worth it. Its such a unique and great story, needs to be told more. The real story is in the pictures….on Tomaz Humar’s website.

  2. Syed Fahim Inaam

    Faisal – ever wondered why that mountain is called ‘Nanga’? LOL ( I shall leave it at that for the time being)But on a more serious note – as Arthur C. Clarke wrote in 2001 – Space Odyssey – “something wonderful is going to happen” – were these the first remarks Tomaz said when he saw that rescue team. I wonder?

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