2 thoughts on “MANties”

  1. Syed Fahim Inaam

    Well – any man wearing those manties would not be called a man. So I guess marketing does have its downsides. Target Market ‘Fruits’, therefore they would have to be called ‘Fruities’. :wink:

  2. not a man? fruties? i beg to differ. the skivies sold at manties.net are made for men. with a broad crotch to hold what men have. they are comfortable, and the fact that they are not cotton, like fruit of the loom or hanes, prevents jock itch for any man that works hard and plays hard. cotton underwear will hold sweat thus produce jock itch. nylon underwear does not hold near as much sweat. i am not a fan of the lace waist line, but the nylon is more practical for the guy.

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