We the citizens….

Who owns the government? The Citizens? The Politicians? The Businesses? The Armed Forces? The Religious Heads? Secret Societies? Who? This is not the case in Pakistan or India, or US, or China or in Nigeria. Its everywhere. It seems the government doesn’t give a flying fuck as to what the citizens think! The politicians think they are God’s gift to mankind (fuck them!), the Army thinks, they know best – fuck them too! Secret Societies – well they are secret – so I guess fuck them also! Businesses – they only give a fuck about money!
I mean – WTF! Citizens elect politicians to have their say – but does it happen this way? No. Of late, I’ve had a deep mistrust of politicians, and mind you, I’m not the only one. All the citizens of the world – share the same opinion.

Is the elected world even listening to us? No. Why is that? We (the citizens) get fooled or whatever the terminology may be (gullible?) to march and protest in the streets as to the agenda that best suits the elected officials. How come a few people decide that they know what is best for us and the entire nation?

These are the questions that are bugging me a lot these days. I don’t know -  I guess I just wanted to blog this to find out if others also feel the same way?

Do you?

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