Before you bitch/complain….

Of late, I’ve seen too many people bitch and complain at trivial things. I’m not sure if the rising mercury in the city is to be blamed for this but, …it does start to look that everyone has a constant frown on their heads. So before you decide to bitch…consider this…and thank Allah for it…
You have house to live in… and you’re not homeless…you have a family… and you are not an orphan… you have three square meals a day… and trust me you don’t want to know the true meaning of the word hunger… that you come and go in a car and you don’t have to walk for miles and deal with blisters and the heat…you have an air conditioner or a fan where you are…trying living a life without either – for life…you have electricity…others have none…you are not a slave or imprisoned under some landlord’s will….but a free person….you are healthy….and not in a hospital…you are drug free and not on the bounce or on the verge of a needle injection…you are free….and not in jail…you are in the legal and not making rounds in some court house…you have clothes to wear…every day…thinking abut the feeling of not having that luxury…you have money (howsoever little) to spend…thank God you don’t have to beg for it… think about begging and some of your friends see you…when you cry… feel blessed that you have others who can ask what’s wrong of you?…you are not being abused by any one physically…you can read and write…trying maneuvering in a world when you cannot read and write…you have an education…you have a future…try asking someone who does not and how bleak the future looks… you have a good laugh now and then….ask those who have not laughed in days…you get to drink clean water…try drinking the “other” type, you can always use mospel or spray flit, when you hear mosquitos whilst sleeping, think of others who have to sleep with such menace every night…you have fresh water to bathe with and a soap to rid you for your smell and leave you feeling scented and fresh, and then try not to think of people who smell bad because they have not had a bath in months…that you have a sofa/couch to relax on and that you are not on a footpath and at the mercy of people’s boots and policeman’s stick…that you have a nailcutter for yourself…while many many don’t – that you can take a day off from work because you are having a “bad” day and want to “chill”, whilst millions of others cannot, that you absolutely refuse to touch a meal in a restaurant when you discover a hair in the plate, that on this world people suffering from hunger will kill each other, just to have what you have in that plate of yours, that you can play with your kids whilst their are people who have sold their children just to live on…the list can go on and on and on….

I do hope you will seriously stop bitching now and thank God for what you have been blessed with…

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