You know I’ve never come across anyone who did not pass the opportunity to burst an air-bubble in a bubblewrap sheet. No one. Well, with bubblewrap hard to come by these days (in Pakistan), here’s your chance of catching up and getting down right to it – bursting bubbles.
The Virtual Bubblewrap Buster…

Work Safe. No Nudity. Contains sound though.

8 thoughts on “Bubblewrap?”

  1. You know I was looking for an ex boyfriend names Faisal Khan and came across your blog… Your stuff is really good! Take care…

  2. Fatima: So you can let go of the voodoo doll now…that’s a good girl… let it go… and those long needles out! :P

  3. It’s the fact that the name must be common.Fatima, if you’re thinking of the same Faisal Khan that I knew… you’re probably not the only one looking for him.

    FK, great work. By reading your blog it’s hard to figure out who you are and what you do. But you have a great sense of humor.

    Anyways, good work. I used to know 2 different Faisal Khan’s in Karachi. You aren’t one of them are you?

  4. You know, this other “dude” (aka Faisal Khan) begs to be found now. I wonder why all the girls are out looking for him – borke heart tales I am assuming.Hina: I’ve been twiddling my thumbs for quite some time now to add a link “about me”, but been too lazy. Usually (anyone who asks as to what I do), I just email them back.

    You girls have a good easter hunt. Let me know when FK is caught! :)

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