Stuck in an elevator…listen to iPod

Yep, it happened after a long time. I was stuck in an elevator. For about 20 minutes or so (all by myself – no, there wasn’t any woman in the lift and I wasn’t wearing any Axe/Lynx spray) in an elevator at State Bank of Pakistan building.
Luckily there were three things going my way. 1. There was a fan inside the lift. 2. There was a “lift operator’s chair” and 3. I had my iPod. When the damn thing got stuck, I knew help would come since this is the “Executive” lift, so I just sat there, listened to music and waited. There was no telephone or alarm bell buttons on the inside. Its an old Otis elevator.

Finally after 20 minutes, the elevator went one floor down and just opened its door, I got out, and warned others who were getting in that the lift don’t work. But they did not listen to me. The lift went down I think half-a-floor and soon I hear banging on the door.

So I crept close enough to hear them shout & yell – to which I replied (actually shouted back) “Told ya so”…. and headed downstairs via another lift. I broke out into a laughter whilst going down thinking….

1. Only one chair and four men.
2. No iPods
3. I hope none of them are homophobic.

Life is so cruel, and I am so glad I had a small (evil) part to play.

7 thoughts on “Stuck in an elevator…listen to iPod”

  1. Hilarious – just to imagine the look on the faces when you yelled “Told Ya so” I was simply ROTFL :) and I also wonder what they would have done apart from cursing each other

  2. The actual words I uttered were:Me (shouting): “awaaz aa rahii hai?” Them (faint reply): “haan”). Me (shouting): “manaa kee yaa tha nah – abb idhar he rahoo, koiee nahi aai gaa – aik ghentaa guzarooo lift may ab”.

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