A big Ooops

***** Author’s Note: Please note – this is a JOKE and not real. I got quite a few emails from friends, etc. saying why would I want to post my “encounter” online? Its a freaking joke…. As Shaggy would say it: wasn’t me! :) *****
I checked into a hotel on a business trip and was a bit lonely so I thought I’d get me one of those girls you see advertised in phone booths when you’re calling a cab.

I grabbed a card on my way in. It was an ad for a girl calling herself Erogonique, a lovely girl, bending over in the photo. She had all the right curves in all the right places, beautiful long wavy hair, long graceful legs all the way up. You know the kind. So I’m in my room and figure, what the heck, I’ll give her a call. “Hello?” the woman says. Wow! she sounded sexy. “Hi, I hear you give a great massage and I’d like you to come to my room and give me one. No, wait, I should be straight with you. I’m in town all alone and what I really want is sex. I want it hard, I want it hot, and I want it now. I’m talking kinky the whole night long. You name it, we’ll do it. Bring implements, toys, everything you’ve got in your bag of tricks. We’ll go hot and heavy all night; cover me in chocolate syrup and whip cream, anything you want baby.

Now, how does that sound?”

She says, “That sounds fantastic Sir, but this is the Hotel Operator, for an outside line you need to press 9.”

7 thoughts on “A big Ooops”

  1. @Saad: Glad you had a good laugh. I too needed a pick-me-up joke today! :) Don’t know why it was a shitty day for me too somehow.

  2. Thanks alot for your kind comments, I’d keep your advice in mind and lets see where it goes from there… And btw another round of LOL @ your friends inquiring if this was the real deal :P hahah.

  3. hahahaha… am sure the operator loved the short sex scene.. otherwise she would have interrupted the desperate man in between..door: knock knock!!!man: whose there?mmm me, the operator.. remember?

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