Why are we so self-centered…

Yesterday I went on a day trip from Karachi to Islamabad. As usual, I ran into many business colleagues / acquaintances at the airport – taking the red-eye flight to Isloo. I don’t know what it is these days, just ask someone “How’s business doing?” and you get their profit (no loss) statement read-out-loud to you and everyone in a 20 feet radius. I happened to ask three friends separately and the answers were:
1. (The person decided to laugh and shrug shoulders) “Well now we are a billion rupee company and we employ now 5,000 people and I’m still under 30” – did I fucking ask how old you were? No!
2. “Oh we are now 600 people and will be a 1,000 people company before this year’s end and we’ve just completed $10 million …..” I lost interest and moved on, and decided to let him yak away like a coin-operated clown in a circus!
3. The third one happened on my way back from Isloo – I asked someone (I never did learn from the morning’s experience) and it was like “We are now the number 1 company in Pakistan for this-and-that and this year we tripled our revenues”.

All this makes me wonder – can’t people possible say “Alhamdollilah – business is good MashaAllah”, or “Allah ka bara karam hai, business is well!” Why must we go on this obtuse deduction that the other person is interested in your financial and HR health? Like I’m going to give them some form of instant credit (no pun intended).

Why can’t people reply back in simplicity, why can’t we be humble? Why must we make the other person feel small? (Yes, I admit I did feel small, but I have no hang-ups on that).

Can you imagine what the average person standing next to you, who doesn’t know you, might be thinking when one is doing this Me-Myself-I-My talk? So many superficial people in this world. Everyday I thank I have genuine/warm friends. That is such a blessing from Allah.

On this note, I want you readers to know, I saw once at the airport, a billionaire many times over in his own right (someone I do not wish to name) coming to the airport – driving the car himself, carried his own bag. Was travelling Economy, smiled at everyone, said Salaam. Was patient in the long queues, was very humble – did not walk proud, but with Allah’s thankfulness in every step that he took. He was simple and ordinary in a crowd, but here is the difference. He saw a elderly woman at the PIA counter, crying (sobbing more or less) who was (later we found out) wanted a ticket, to go to Lahore (due to a death in the family). Our man decided to make a beeline to her and asked of her as to what was ailing her, upon hearing it – he simply gave his ticket to her and told her to continue on, as his meeting can wait, etc. but her attending the funeral could not. It was as simple as that.

The woman, cried and thanked him, and showered Allah’s best blessings on him for his kind gesture. As for me, I felt like shit (even though I was NOT going to Lahore, but the gentlemen was). The reason I felt like crap was, i don’t know if I had the ticket myself, if I would have done this? Probably not? and then for the rest of my life, would have been regretting it.

Here is a man, to whom Allah’s given so much and yet will continue to get more, because his “neeyat” is clear and the “dua” from an elderly lady is worth more to God than all the money in one’s bank.

I pray and wish, God gives us such clarity, confidence and above all a chance to prove our worth for humanity.

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  1. –warning: this may sound like i have lost it, but trust me, there are little wisdoms in what i say–with people who tend to give u the specifics of how good and why their lives are, they tend to search for greatness in things around them rather then from within themseleves. they tend to identify themselves with what they do and how much they earn rather then by who they are because in order for them to employ the latter, they’d really have to do a bit of soul-searching and ground themselves to figure out who they are essentially. where do they stand and what have they contributed to the community that has given them so much.

    and most people dont do that.

  2. Vintage: agree with you 100%. It seems that people have decided that it is the material thigns that they possess that make them who they are. If tehy do not have the latest cell phone they are nobodies.What has happened to human values?

  3. Hats off to you for making this point :) i know that there will be atleast one person who’ll take heed by reading this and that in turn reflects on you making the point and getting the blessings as well :) happy little circle aint it.

  4. Pretty impressive post … if you become something then this ME would leave you … chances re rare .. so i guess this happened to the persons you asked the question.As per the gentle man yu’ve given the example of, may allah bless him and an ameen to your duas

  5. I think social life has made such a impact on tv and that the ignorance of most people to just accept it has plunged them into self centeredness. The “struggle” to have a good life, money, find a girlfriend, attend parties, make friends and whatnot is just distracting us from things that are simply not right in this world. Big violations of human rights I believe makes it sometimes hard to watch comedy on tv, throw away food or things like that. It is very hard to snap out of it, because we must inform ourselves and as I told you on top we always concentrate on those things and dont even think about real issues. We, the ones that did snap out of it must apply our knowledge to others so that we can all unite and concentrate on the bigger picture.

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