Karachi Bloggers – Lets meet up!

You know – readers/visitors (aka fellow bloggers). We keep visiting each other’s blog and its pretty much a small circle of readers & writers. I would like to know if it would be a good idea that all of us fellow bloggers can meet up for lunch/coffee somewhere in Karachi. It would be so good to see each other in person and have “chit-chat” (for lack of a better word right now).
Please do post a comment, if you would like to meet up, and then I’ll start a mailing list individually and setup a meet time. I would love to host this meet if possible.


10 thoughts on “Karachi Bloggers – Lets meet up!”

  1. Teeth Maestro: The more the merrier and just to spice things up, I’ll throw in a give-away…. a 30GB Video iPod. :)Hina: Lets see how quickly we can set this up, and if you can make it – that would be nice.

  2. The give-away sounds good. Let’s just make it the three of us, then the odds are better for me :)FK, where do you find such good give-aways? Surely not the back of your closet!

  3. I’m putting together a list and will be emailing everyone. Just tied up till Aug 10th. So will plan something after that date.

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