Gandaa wala word!

Usually I don’t post stuff related to my family, but this I gotta share. Here’s a conversation between my son (Omer Mikhail Khan, 4.75 years old) and his mom (my wife).

Omer: “Amma! At the park today a big boy said the gandaa word today!
Mom: “Really! what did he say?
Omer: ” (Whispering) “You know the gandaa wala word
Mom: “Tell amma what he said
Omer: “Amma it was the gandaa wala word you told me about
Mom: “was it the gandaa walaa word that Abu says?
Omer: (Very casually he says) “Nahi Amma, he did not say bhenchod” (which incidently Abu says every now and then) and then whispering he says “he said shut-up

Needless to say my wife had a very hard time trying to keep a straight face and I just went into a laughter-overload.

Kids….I don’t know where they pick-up these words from! *shrugs*

6 thoughts on “Gandaa wala word!”

  • MY! He is surely aware of the value of a Western ‘shut-up’ infront of an Eastern ‘______’!!!’turbans off’ to your teachings! REALLY!

  • My son is starting to pick up words very fast so I have to be very very careful of my language around him. But I know one of these he is going to shock the pants of us.

  • My son started speaking about the same age peers do. One day his mother said to me hear what he says. I was ready for some new expression he might have picked up. I looked at him and asked him to say what he had told his mother. He looked at me with a lot of pride and said: ‘Fucking bastard’!I became convinced the boy will grow into a healthy cockney man!

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