Its my birthday today!

Its the day Diana died…. yeah – no shit – I got a lot of backlash the day it happened from friends all over the world.
On a more positive note… I turned 36 today. A number that holds a lot of fascination for men, in other context.

Today, I shall take the day off from work. Since my family (i.e. wife & kids are not in town and are vacationing far away), I will go to my mom’s and spend the day there… do a bit of spring cleaning and make a small video of myself cutting the cake and blowing the candles off, so that I can send it to my kids to view over the Internet. Yep! I actually miss them dearly.

I tell you it should be a crime to celebrate a birthday alone.

I wish myself very many more!  :)

8 thoughts on “Its my birthday today!”

  1. Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you….I am sure you would prefer Mr. President towards the end, and Marilyn wishing you in person but this is all we could muster up at such short notice.If you are a Matchbox Twenty fan, your song for today is Real World.

    Have a good one.

  2. Oh there! There it went, another year of your mortal life (sigh)! Make the most of the rest, and may your living be even better and useful onwards — not that I meant it’s otherwise currently, but .. you know? :D heeh

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