Month: October 2006


“In one case when the Iraqis were writing their constitution someone from the US said ‘Here take ours, we’re not using it.’”- Heard on NPR’s Fresh Air, Robin Williams is the guest

Tokyo Drifters!

I don’t know where I find such things – but here is a website you gotta read about this Jap chick who is like hooked on 35 year old (or younger) White men. You can stay at her apartment, have sex with her (so damn casual), watch Cable TV, and practice your Eng-rish with …

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Very GOOD read…

What would happen to the Earth tomorrow if Humans (all of them, just disappeared!), Yeah! why not, they just disappear tomorrow and not a single one of them left back and then this is what would happen to Mother Earth.

What do you want to be?

Whilst playing with my son Omer, I asked him what he wants to be when he grows up? Me: “Omer what do you want to be when you grow up?” Omer: “Ummmmm” Me: “Policeman?” Omer: “Nooooo” Me: “Mechanic?” Omer: “Nooooo” Me: “Doctor?” Omer: “Umm No” Me: “Pilot?” Omer: “No” Me: “Soldier?” Omer: (Almost yes but …

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Rubik’s Cube.

Here is a video of a kid solving the Rubik’s cube in jusssst over 20 seconds…. no big deal? well he was using only one hand. Work Safe, No Nudity, Contains Audio.

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