Some bloggers finally meet up…

Zaheer Kidvai (aka ZAK) and myself have been toying about with an idea to meet up, i.e. us Bloggers in .PK, so we decided to eventually do just that. Last Saturday (30th September, 2006) – the last day to file taxes – a couple of bloggers met up at my place.
My wife Anika and myself played hosts to:

Zaheer Ahmed Kidvai (also known as ZAK) – his blog can be seen here. Zaheer is the CEO of b.i.t.s. (Zaheer was accompanied with his wife Nuzat)

Sabeen (also known as Beanz) – her blog can be read here. Sabeen happens to be the COO of b.i.t.s.

Dr. Awab Alvi (also known as the Teeth Maestro) and had his claim to fame with respect to PKBLOGS.COM and BLOGGERS.PK also dropped by He was accompanied by his wife Sadiqa. Dr. Alvi’s blog can be read here. He is a Dentist by profession if you did not already guess and works at the Alvi Dental Clinic (3rd generation dentist if you can believe that).

The there was Maleeha Azeem (better known as Bluecheese). Maleeha was visiting from Lahore and decided to extend her stay by one day (thank you!) so she could join us. Maleeha works for a consultancy firm out of Lahore and she is an avid photoblogger. Her original blog is hosted at Flickr and can be seen here, she has also recently started OrganicSteam – the new address of her photoblog.

Insiya Syed also visited – Insiya’s stay was brief, but hey – she showed up – so that is what counts. Insiya’s blog can be read here and her photoblog can be read here. Accompanying Insiya was Moizza Sarwar – who too stayed for a short while, but amassed extra-ordinary intelligence of our household! :) Moizza’s blog can be read here. I never did ask where Moizza worked.

Jawwad Farid CEO of Alechemya and also the author of Blue Screen of Death also came in (just in time for dinner). Jawwad’s blog can be read here.

Madeeha Syed was also invited, but since she’s recovering from surgery, she could not make it. Madeeha’s blog can be read here.

I’ll post some pictures from the evening in a day or two.

11 thoughts on “Some bloggers finally meet up…”

  1. Not sure where everyone else is – actually there are bloggers-a-puhlenty! its the like minded bloogers that I really want to connect with.You know – O’Riely of them O’Riely tech books that has the pictures of all those animals, does this thing called the “FOO” camp. It stands for Friend of O’Riely. I am thinking of doing the FOF camp – Friend of Faisal :)

    Need to get out of the city, like have a day at the Arabian Sea Country Club, or somewhere on a nice-slow Saturday.

  2. Thank you for having us over! :)Arrrrgh… yes, that’s anger/sadness on not being able to be part of a ‘bloggy pic’! :(

    P.S. How come Fevz wasn’t mentioned. She was prolly the youngest tareen aspiring blogger around us! And mashAllah, the cutest! :)

  3. @Sabizak: Ofcourse we do. Zaheer actually commented that Omer Alvie and yourself should be invited but I don’t think Thai/Japanese/Chineese/Burmese food would be enough of a bait to get you guys to fly down here.Hey – maybe next time we all just ought to meet in Dubai :)

  4. Cool. We “will” take you up on that offer. I know quite a few bloggers are coming to Dubai during Gitex, (Me+Spouse are visiting), so perhaps we can get a small gathering going?Not a bad idea……

  5. I’m all for it, although like you I am not quite as confident that the food will be excellent (since i’d cook it myself). But I gurantee you very warm hospitality. Btw, both OA and I are in Sharjah not Dubai.

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