Expired?!?!?!?!?! wtf!

I usually don’t read the newspaper – if and when I do, I skim through the tender opportunities – and that’s about it. Just today I was reading the newspaper and I came across a couple of obituaries.  Why the hell do we have to write “Mr. XYZ Expired today” – expired! like some fucking magazine subscription or carton of milk. Can we not think of more gentler or kinder words.  I mean most of these obituaries are written by their family members, next-of-kin, is “expired” the only word that comes to mind?
Secondly when in our society when someone says that such and such died, I use to very vividly remember, and was bought up to say innalila e inna ilaihi rajiun (aloud). Today most people do say the same – however, an ever increasing majority have resorted to “Oh I’m so sorry to hear that” I am sure they mean well, but it just doesn’t gel well. Why can folks not say innalila e inna ilaihi rajiun.

Ah maybe its a Sunday and I am in the mood to rant!

5 thoughts on “Expired?!?!?!?!?! wtf!”

  1. English is a peculiar language. Even when my grandma [on my mum’s side] died, I sent an email to my uncle, in which I used the word ‘expired’. It is a common word used for such purposes.I know it sounds a bit demeaning but that’s just how it is.

  2. We his cause of consern seems to be the fact that why people post obituaries in the newspapers. Well, one good reason is that it gets circulated and everyone gets to know. Effective.

  3. “Expire” is used both to mark the end of something as well as to describe “breathing out”. Hence, it shouldn’t be surprising that it also means that someone has died.This is actually the nicer or more polite way of saying it (rather than something like “he has died”, “she’s wormfood”, “you’re dead meat” etc.).

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised that a few years from now, newspaper obituary annoncements include phrases such as, “snuffed it!”, “pushing up daisies”, “off his twig”, “shuffled of his mortal coil” or “joined the choir invisible” – end up sounding like a bloody monty python sketch.

  5. Passed away, expired, – I don’t know – they just don’t sound right. There is no shame in writing the word ‘died’ – when my father died – that is what I wrote in the obituary. Just somehow it bothers me.

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