The Khan Supremacy

I’ll be straight up front – I’m not a sports buff by any ways or means. I do however enjoying watching it. Some 10 years ago, I was reading TIME magazine and there was this article about this TIME magazine sports writer who was retiring. The gentlemen in question had covered sports for good 20-30 years (memory fails me as to the exact number of years). The man had covered it all. Everything.
Towards the end of his last piece where he was being interviewed about his life as a sports journalist, he was asked to name one feat/coverage / event, etc. that tops it all. The man replied something to the effect that out of all he had seen, read, covered, the one name that keeps coming back to him again and again was that of Jahangir Khan. Here is a man who enjoyed 550 games unbeaten! He hailed from a small town in Pakistan where other great squash legends were born. Starting with Hashim Khan, then Jehangir’s father Roshan Khan, his cousin Rehmat Khan, his brother Torsam Khan and his cousin Jansher Khan

The TIME journalist cited that there was NO other example in the history of sports where such sports greats have come into the arena. None whatsoever. In the world of hefty sponsorships, Tiger Woods, the NBA, the cricket frenzy and football greats, there is no example where dominance in the sports has been held by a single family hailing from a small town Peshawar.

It should be no surprise that TIME magazine recently in their recently published “60 Years of Asian Heroes” – Jahangir Khan is mentioned.

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