Doctors and On-time – what an oxymoron!

I am sure others will agree – but trying to keep to a schedule with ANY doctor is simply not on. My son Omer had an appointment with a Chest specialist – booked two weeks in advance. To be there at the Doctor’s office at 9 PM on 6th December 2006.
My wife and Omer were there 15 minutes before. The doctor saw them at 10:46 – – – that’s one hour and 46 minutes too late. Why the heck can’t these “specialists” keep to a schedule?

Why must everyone have to go through this agonizing wait. Its the same with regular doctors, pediatricians, dentists, etc.

I just don’t get it – – – yes we need their services, but why the hell can they not keep their appointments on time. Are they trying to squeeze in as many money patients as they can?

Very very few doctors actually keep their appointments as per the schedule given to patients.

The sad thing is – we are helpless – if one even tries to make a logical argument, you are inadvertently inviting a boot from the clinic. So nothing you can do except to keep your mouth shut, bite your tongue!

2 thoughts on “Doctors and On-time – what an oxymoron!”

  1. I think we doctors are aware of the dilemma (at least we are) we were plagued by this problem and consequently decided to revamp our scheduling system, we saw *a little less patients* but tried our best to remain on track.But ever so often we have the wacky day but once in a while is fine then having it all the time.

    We know that patients have a choice if you cant please them then they can go somewhere else its plain ol business. I don’t like waiting so why should I ask others to wait.

    But some docs are either too unorganized or are too famous for their own good

  2. Doc – call it 6th sense, but I just KNEW – you’d be here posting first. In all fairness I should point out – that a very very good friend of mine visits your dad – and he’s always pleased with the timing/appointments kept at your clinic.However, the same cannot be said of everyone else. The “option” that you pointed out on – well the option could end up being much more worse. Its like choosing the lesser of the two time-evils. Would you prefer a 1 hours 30 minute wait or 2 hours?

    Like I said – we cannot do much – because of the lack of specialists or the way the system works, i.e. Omer’s pediatrician would say did you visit so-and-so, there is not much choice, we have to go to so-and-so.

    Vicious circle if you ask me.

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