The tipping menace

Tipping! It seems the hotel and recreation industry cannot live without it. Everywhere you go – it is ‘expected’ of you to tip. I mean WTF. You check into the hotel, tip is expected of the doorman, the bellhop, the concierge, the guy who does room service, the maids who clean your room, everywhere one has to tip. Why can’t these people be paid at levels at par with everyone else.
Recently I checked some guests in at Karachi’s Marriott – it is “so obvious” that people are waiting for their tips. Went to the Caltex gas station the guy wiping the windows was standing at the window – palms out – waiting for the tip. Go to a restaurant – be it expensive or economical, one ‘has’ to tip.

Tipping is indeed becoming a menace. Recently i went to Dubai, paying like $1,100/night for the hotel room due to Gitex. The tipping mania was at its full swing. Ask for a bucket of ice and you have to tip. Get your laundry picked up… tip. Get it delivered… tip. Same goes for shoe polishing. Mind you we pay for everything. The hotels don’t miss a beat in charging you. Even the car rental guy who books the cars for us, expects a tip.

What I don’t understand is why this is not applicable in other areas of business. Well actually if you look closely, it is. Nowadays, postmen, cable bill operators, newspaper delivery, all expect tips.

I am truly disgusted by the whole experience. I’m willing to pay what is asked for, but to pay for the tip – it defeats the whole purpose of paying what has been quoted.

Its the common exploit many businesses are using to underpay their staff and expect that disparity of pay to be channeled out of the customer (in some cases forcibly  -  ever heard of gratitude being added to your bill automatically!).

I know by ranting about it – nothing is going to change, but its something we seriously need to think about.

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