Year: 2007

War Chaser!

You have GOT to see this prank. Here is what happened at the APEC Summit in Australia – where Prez. Bush was visiting and the security detail ended up costing US$ 300 Million. A walking Osama Bin Laden. Funny as hell! Presumably work safe – unless you’re a Republican or MMA.

Whoa! (from space)

Okay folks – time for you all to say “WHOA!” again! Pretty pictures from the Space Shuttle Endeavour while orbiting Earth.   Yes dammit – its work safe and no nudity!

What will email look like in the future….

…well why don’t you click below and find out: I’m sure what to make out of this – stupid idea or stroke of genius… you decide, with som much virtual play, I guess it was only time before we came to this stage…. …. (from these guys) the future of email

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