Capital Punishment…

When Saddam Hussain was recently hanged – I could not help but think of one thing. The two ‘democracies’ at work here are the US and UK. Both are trying to make Iraq more democratic and take it eons away from the dictatorial regime it once was. Now – personally, I did never give a flying fuck about Saddam – and still don’t give a fuck.
But what I do give a damn about is that capital punishment has long been abolished in the UK. Here in the “new” democratic Iraq – pursued by two countries, i.e. UK & US, why is it that they could not have given him life-behind-bars as opposed to the capital punishment.  This amounts to double-standards. At one hand you are trying for Iraq to be as democratic and free as the West perceives it to be – and here on the other hand, you are advocating capital punishment, by not interfering with it.

Recently four Rwandans (refugees/UK Citizens?) were arrested in UK for taking part in the 1994 genocide. The condition of their repatriation back to Rwanda is that these four men cannot be given the death penalty – as UK opposes that. What the fuck?

You can read more about the Rwandan story here.

Draw your own conclusion as to what happened was right or wrong by hanging Saddam Hussain.

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  1. I agree, i never cared for Saddam. Still .. to hang the poor sucker .. that wasn’t necessary. If people started to hang presidents/ex presidents dictators .. I wonder .. what will happen to bush and vice versa.. Find me one dictator/president who is not liable for deaths of his people

  2. To be really honest, it doesnt ask for us to hate or love Saddam. The jist of the article says it, ‘double standards’. I too was of the opinion that he should have been given a life behind bars kinda thing, and that his execution was ‘rushed’.Hats off to the lawyer who created quite alot of good noise prior the hanging.

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