Another one for the courier companies…

Our company relies heavily on courier services to deliver letters, etc. As we send out quite a few letters every day (approximate 20~30 per day), I see the courier-rep who comes to pick them up – spend a lot of time writing information down – to provide us with a receipt. I am sure, this information is again entered somewhere into a system once it gets back to their office for onwards processing and distribution.

Why can’t the courier companies provide software that will say print the labels, etc. and also generate a bar-code that would have all the necessary information pertaining to that letter – the sender’s information, account number, destination address and contact name, priority type, etc.

The software should do four things:

1. Be a contact management software
2. Be able to generate labels on industry standard labels
3. Provide a record of all the ‘courier-ing’ I have done
4. Be able to provide a consolidated slips for each courier pickup for the courier company.

Why is it that they cannot think along these lines? The USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx all seem to do this – why cannot we! Imagine the amount of time they would be able to save – the turn-around times – the ability to use the same courier-person to do more in a given day. The saving of data-entry time at the processing center, etc.

Also, while we are at it, courier companies should also seriously look into investment into the following:

1. The courier-centers should be equipped with bubble wrap (not to be found in Pakistan)
2. They should have the air-weight peanuts which are recyclable for packaging – something totally amiss in Pakistan
3. They should provide a service whereby they can provide industry standard self-adhesive labels for printing – the likes of which Avery produces.
4. All of these should be deliverable to the office

As we rely more and more onto these courier companies, its only fair that they invest in such ‘basic’ technologies that would not only improve their operations but also make it easier for their clients to do business with them.

4 thoughts on “Another one for the courier companies…”

  1. This company wouldnt be OCS would it? I have worked 2 of the largest courier companies in pakistan, after learning on most of the inner tumoil and the state of things i understood why they havent been able to grow technologically. One of them finally did some stuff well, while the other crashed and burned badly, mostly due to its internal IT resources (of all people).

  2. Nope its not OCS or anyone in particular. It can be adopted by anyone of the courier companies. They simply need to get tech-savvy fast – its cost savings for them – which translates into more business.

  3. True, for courier companies tech translates into savings fast..TCS is the only one thats close to somewhat of a tech-savvy courier company. OCS from what I know just is in deep water and without major staff changes in their IT they will not be able to even get PDAs into the hands of their riders.with tnt, speedex etc i have no idea what the current level of automation is, if any.

  4. Well, that is done by majority of the BIG ones like DHL, FedEx, etc. However, about these small ones, they are NOT going to spend a single penny on software or computerization as long as the piracy of software continues in Pakistan.amir

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