Slovenian awards for two Pak pilots

Last year I wrote about the amazing Rescue of Tomaz Humar by Pakistan Army Helicopter Pilots.
Now the Slovenian government will be awarding the two Pakistani Pilots

RAWALPINDI: Two Pakistan Army pilots will leave for Slovenia today (Saturday) to receive the highest Slovenian award ever conferred upon any foreign national.

According to details, Slovenia has announced gallantry awards for the two pilots who rescued Slovenian mountaineer Tomaz Humar.

Lieutenant Colonel Rashidullah Beg and Lieutenant Colonel Khalid Amir Rana rescued Humar when he was trapped on Nanaga Parbat during his solo expedition in August 2005. Humar remained trapped on the icy peak for a week when Pakistan Army Aviation pilots rescued him.

Slovenian President Dr Janez Drnovsek, who is also commander in chief of defence forces, will present the pilots with Golden Order for Services awards in a ceremony at the Slovenian presidency on June 18. staff report

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