Long term strategy…

So Tommy Flaherty comes home from the doctor’s office, and calls his son.”Sonny, I got some bad news today.  Doc says I’ve got but 6 months to live – I’ve got cancer.”

The son is floored.  Knowing his old man’s best friends at the pub would want to console him, he says “Dad, let me take you down for a pint so you can tell your pals.”

Down at the pub, Tommy tells all his buddies, “Boys, it’s been nice knowin’ ya. But the doctor tells me I’ve got AIDS and have 6 months to live.” His friends console him and buy him drinks all night.

Later, the son asks, “Dad, why did you tell your closest friends you’ve got AIDS rather than cancer?”

Tommy says, “I don’t want any of them fuckin’ yer mudder after I’m gone!”


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