He said She said…

Boy to girlfriend: “I want to be part of your body!”
Girlfriend: “No thanks! I already have an ASSHOLE!”


6 thoughts on “He said She said…”

  1. I’m wondering if you are the same Faisal that was going out with Tabassum and Naila at the same time – if you are, then my name should not be a surprise for you. Since you went to St. Michaels, I am assuming you are. The very least you could have done you bastard is to say sorry for what you did. Three lives you have shattered. I wish god would share the pain inflicted upon us to you – just so you know how it feels. I will never forgive you for what you did.and if you are not the same Faisal, then sowwie sweetie, just trying to find a bastard who deserves a stake through his heart.

  2. Wooaaaah woaaaah…… WOAH! *picks miss toor up by the hair* Hello there! Now who gives you the right to just march yourself in here in go on speakin your potty mouth in ere bout FAISAL? Bitch you just parked your mouth on the wrong dick! Since you’re ere lemme give you a few more inchers to suffucate the hole where those words were uttered from, just so, maybe you’ll actually take a moment to pause and think b4 showin ur sad face in ere n looking for sum sympathy!Why cant you cum guzzling hoes (Tabassum & Naila… Uhhh TOOR *rolls his eyes*) juss suck on the wrong dick instead and then go … Oh sorrry I thought you were faisal… atleast the apology would be worth it. Anyhow, get a life and stop fuckin beatin around the bush if you got fucked! Get real, stop yer whinnin and get oveeerrrr whatever da fuck happened!

    LOL @ 3 gurls at the same time though! Gotta give it to him for being “da playa”

    Anyhow, just wanted to leave ma two cents on your lil act there…. I wonder if you use ur cute ass as a score board to count the days since you’ve been a victim? So bitch, next time you even decide to cum up with such shit…. Just think maybe there is a younger bro out there just itchin to WHACK your sorry whinnin ass back to Nazimabaaad or Gulshar or where ever da Fuck in Lyari you came from with names to match~!

    P.S. If you are not TOOR, n aint friends of Tabassum or Naila, then sowwie sweetie, just trying to find the SLUT who deserves a stake through her ass.

  3. @Raza Khan.What are you trying to prove here with your ‘in da hood’ wannabe comments. I bet you could not say Salaam to your mother or sister without using the ‘f’-word.

    Please for the sake of decency, mind your language when you post comments.

    You are one sick sick sick person.

    You need help……loser!

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