Run! Run! Run! – Bhagoo bhenchodoun! Bhagooo!

Why is it that people are in such a rush to get off an international flight – no sooner have the wheels touched down, you get announcements like the damn plane is still moving, for gods sake get back in your seats, but to no avail — people are in a hurry to open the overhead bins, collect their purses and bags and get the fuck out, etc. and once the aircraft docks, they make a beeline to immigration – literally they make a run for it.

Wtf? What for? You will still end up waiting for the luggage? I just don’t get it.

Did I look foolish walking casually amongst the running crowd when I landed? – Yes I did!

Did I get out with the rest of them? Actually I got out sooner! :)

3 thoughts on “Run! Run! Run! – Bhagoo bhenchodoun! Bhagooo!”

  1. cause it packs a punch to the story….biatch!No – just kidding, don’t take offence. I was jotting down exactly what was going through my mind and a few cuss words were definitely going in my mind.


  2. I have had the experience of people getting up to take their luggage even before the plane touched the ground! And they didn’t even understand english so the gulf air guy who was yelling “sit down! sit down!” had no effect on them until someone told them in Urdu ke “bhai jan baith jaen! jahaz land kar raha hai!”

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