US inserts special cable-taps for spying during recent submarine cable cuts.

Here is something interesting for you to think about. Many people have not heard about the ECHELON Project. The Echelon project is a global worldwide spying network that specializes on ‘signal-intelligence’ (SIGINT) as opposed to ‘human-intelligence’ (HUMINT). You can learn more about Echelon by its Wiki entry.
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Many of you reading this post, might be wondering okay – so what? Well, in this part of the world, a lot of traffic goes through fiber-optic cables (submarine based). Now unlike traditional radio signals, a fiber-optic signal does not ‘leak’ or radiate information. So if the US government wants to try to tap these cables – it has to cut-them and then tap them.

Of late, you will start noticing a LOT of Internet Submarine Cable cuts – coincidence? Maybe! But, think about the USS Jimmy Carter a highly advanced submarine – and what it is designed to do. Its designed to do signal-tapping, specifically fiber-optic taps. Could it just be that the USS Jimmy Carter has now placed taps into the cable systems – I can bet you your bottom dollar – that they have!

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By the way – the NSA which stands for National Security Agency – is commonly referred to in Washington as NSA (No Such Agency).

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