Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

Whilst a kid – in 1984 I was watching Top of the Pops in London, and there was this song that some how captivated me. It was a song titled Forbidden Colors (Watch Video) – sung and composed by David Sylvian and Ryuichi Sakamoto. This song was a beautiful one, from the movie called “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” (Wiki-InformationIMDB-Entry).
Here is the poster of the movie:

Movie poster of “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence”

The movie is directed by Nagisa Oshima (WikiIMDB) who has done like a billion Japanese films. The main core actors starring in the film are:

– David Bowie as Maj. Jack ‘Strafer’ Celliers (WikiIMDB)
– Tom Conti as Col. John Lawrence (WikiIMDB)
– Ryuichi Sakamoto as Capt. Yonoi (WikiIMDB)
– Takeshi Kitano as Sgt. Gengo Hara (WikiIMDB)

Left-to-Right: Jack Celliers (Bowie) with Captain Yonoi (Sakamoto)

Captain Yonoi (Sakamoto)

Jack Celliers (Bowie)

Harakiri scene from the movie

Jack Celliers (Bowie)

Captain Yonoi (Sakamoto) practising the sword

Colonel John Lawrence (Conti)

Captain Yonoi (Sakamoto)

L-to-R: Colonel John Lawrence (Conti), Sergeant Hara (Kitano), Captain Yonoi (Sakamoto)

Sergeant Hara (Kitano)

Perhaps the most famous snapshot of the movie, the one and only time when Sergeant Hara (Kitano) who is about to be executed for his war crimes in the morning, wishes Colonel John Lawrence (Conti) Merry Christmas by saying loudly: “Lawrence! Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence. Merry Christmas”

and here is the video…

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