Month: March 2008

Estrogen Bomb!

The world needs a new weapon: The estrogen bomb. Just think. You drop it on an area of violent conflict. Men throw down their guns and hug one another. Then they apologize, say it was their fault. And then they start to clean up the mess. Yep, we definitely need the estrogen bomb!

CERN Large Hadron Collider

Check out some of the amazing pictures from CERN‘s Large Hadron Collider. These images are available on Dark Roasted Blend and if you have not visited this site, you must, it has some amazing pictures/categories.

Improv Everywhere

No matter how many times I watch this – I can’t get enough of them – it is such a cool gig. Improv Everywhere is a New York phenomenon, brainchild of a person called Charlie Todd (see Wiki on Imrov Everywhere) Here is one of there most famous ‘freeze’ done in Grand Central Station in …

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International Symbol of Marriage.

New York, (Reuters), 29th March, 2008. After many years of heated debates, walk-outs, lobbying, talks suspension, strike calls, worldwide protests and even death threats – United Nation’s International Commission on Human Rights finally put their seal of approval on the new symbol denoting the International Symbol of Marriage.

Poor Man’s Photoshop! :)

Well if you have been craving for Photoshop and don’t have access to it – you can thank you luck stars… Adobe’s Photoshop is now a web application – a bit slow to run, but well worth it. Check it out at:

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