WorldWide Telescope – the planetarium at home…

Circinus Galaxy Blackhole

As many of you have already experienced Google Earth – and its companion, Google Sky (which is part of the de facto package when you download).

Microsoft too has been working on something equally if not more important. I’ve always been interested in space (having done Electromagnetics and Quantum Electrodynamics as part of my specialization in Electrical Engineering – which in simple English means – its all mathematical physics). It’s the astrophysics / astronomy element of it that was missing whilst working with all those numbers and equations and it is the visual aspect of it that still very much inspires me to date.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered Microsoft’s initiative that is called WorldWide Telescope. The WWT (as it is commonly referred to) is a rich media experience in exploring the sky and the very distant space around us, all that we have managed to map. The WWT effort is not only the ‘weaving’ effort of all the pictures we have of space, but also, stitching them together so as to have a rich media experience along with data and ease of use. The planetarium may all be dead, but I think here truly lies another planetarium at home – within your reach.

Look at this website for a lecture delivered at TED – regarding Microsoft’s WorldWide Telescope.

The official website is and is due to be released this spring (2008).

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