Chairman CBR dancing away…

5 thoughts on “Chairman CBR dancing away…”

  • hey i hear there is a video of Musharraf dancing too in this show? Can we also ge tthat?thanks

  • Well…well…well!!! How embarassing is that??Who says there is anything wrong with dancing a few steps but at an official function, an official of his calibre?????All the rest of the so-called respected ‘officials’….watch your step! (all pun intended!)

  • I hate Shaukat Aziz and Musharaf the most, because I respected them the most during their Govt. But now there frauds are made public, and now I hate their faces just wrote it because couldn’t control it expressing my self. after seeing the lootairas of our country enjoying the party. I wanted to scold them but may be the blog admin won’t like it ;)

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