5 thoughts on “How far will your passport take you…”

  1. we greet you in the name of our redeemer lord jesus christ. the bible taeches us to look after the interests of others and not merely to you own.we do know that you people are fully doing the same for which we are highly thankful to our lord. as the gospel taeches us that we are parts of the body of christ, therefore we approach you for special prayers and cooperation to save our young generation from going astray. being belonging to hand to mouth families even the prospective students ( boys and girls ) get handicapped from advancing towards prosperity. they are unable to achieve the higher academic or any sort of useful skill education. this part of age is very important and our religious obligation is to come forward and guide them and help them in saving their precious souls specially during the time when they have nothing to do and wait for thier results and this is a time when some get addicated and some join other bad companies.

    First i am FA and still studing. I am christain.

    We belonge to pakistan city faisalabad. So i want to do job help me and gide me…..


    sirplease give me visa to uk and canada please help me

    We belonge to pakistan city multanSo i want to do job help me and gide methanksriaz abbasi amultan

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