Tsk! Tsk! Mr. Edhi!

As reported in Daily Times….
Edhi rules out accepting foreign aid
LAHORE: Renowned social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi said that he would not seek financial support from any country other than Pakistan for his causes. Edhi said Iran and the United States had offered him a lot of financial assistance but he turned down the offers as his own people were helping him. He announced to launch schemes at all Edhi centres to feed the poor. He added that he had asked the US to play its role in maintaining the ceasefire in Lebanon “otherwise Israel would be wiped off the map”. daily times monitor

Can Mr. Edhi kindly return his “Green (greed) card” that he so very much values. As the last time I checked, America was the “Big Evil” and the “Brother of the Zionist” regime that Mr. Edhi so much hates.

…which brings me to another question, if Mr. Edhi doesn’t want foreign aid then why the heck does he travel to US for fund-raising? Can you say oxymoron!

…and since when did the champion of our great social services (national gatekeeper I might also add) decided that accepting foreign aid for the good of humanity is not required? Care to ‘enlighten’ me on that too Mr. Edhi!

10 thoughts on “Tsk! Tsk! Mr. Edhi!”

  1. Obi Wan Kenobi

    May be he collects funds from America based Pakistanis and for that he goes to US …… why so much hatred my friend ???

  2. Yeah man, he probably has a good reason for it. Why the hatred? The guy’s managed to do more for the poor of this country then any other individual – ever.

  3. Edhi is a loser. You know how much money they take from the people who adopts child from them? 300K-500K depending on the person. And if you can’t pay that much then you will only get a child with disabilities.Offcourse the person who can’t pay the amount does not have enough to take care the child with disabilities. That sucks man!.

    And if you really want to experience how good social workers they are? Just disguise yourself as a poor and go to them for job. You will know what they upto.

    So FK is right, Edhi is a loser who is running after money all these bheek campaigns he is running now a days are just to fill his own bank accounts. And FK and all others might have got him wrong, he said he will not accept foreign aid for his causes, but he will make sure that foreign aid goes to his own bank account.

  4. Given the great contribution Edhi has made to serve the poor and the disenfranchised in Pakistan, I’d be happy to forgo the occasional stupid comment by him. He does raise money in the US from mostly Pakistani expats and average people, not the US government. I think that’s a good policy. He should leave his outbursts against Zionists and just focus on his main mission. He is not a politician . He doesn’t have to suck up to and agree with the tolerance for Jews and the US in our society.BTW, I have the same policy toward Imran Khan. I strongly disagree with his politics but I support his humanitarian mission.

  5. Lets just assume hes all that you accuse him to be but hes doing some service to the nation, why do we want him to be a saint. We live in the society where people dont help or support their families or friends and in such a society he runs one of the biggest charity organizations.What do you do for this country?

  6. My find feathered fragile eggshell mind friend…. I pay taxes! that’s my big (and only) contribution!I’m just questioning his need for a Green card if he’s so damn patriotic? For a charity worker who has NO idea what the difference between Zionism and Jews are… and talks about eradication of a country of a map and peace in Lebanon (what the fuck happened to Palestine cause? or the Kashmir cause?)…

    Just questioning and expressing my opinion.

    You DO know what they say about an opinion?

    Opinions are like assholes! everyone has got one! :)

  7. You pay taxes, oooh! :PThey should have send you in the Olympics squad :P you could have easily won some gol (read round) medals in whining.

  8. I can’t believe I am reading this. Edhi does not take money for adoption. They are the only organisation that has done work on large scale. Why must you judge!!

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