Condoms & Seatbelts

Well – here is the thing. When people sit in my car, I ask them to wear a seat belt. You would be surprised by sheer number of people who have never worn one, and get it all wrong. I wonder what the heck do these guys do with a condom? I’m sure there must have been a time when they were trying one on for the first time around and it must have been intuitive right? I mean you can ONLY tear it or wear it inside out. You probably won’t slip on up your toe or attach it to your elbow? (well okay, maybe some of your are really f***ed up and you will).
Well – wearing a seat belt is almost intuitive…. That is until you see some of the people who have sat in my car and attempted to wear one. I wish I could show you photographs… but then sometimes I think, let it be this way, I should discuss the benefits of a seat belt and why it is so important (I’d be discussing this with my fellow passenger) and then go bang the car into something – just so they feel the pain of wearing one incorrectly.

What peeves me off even more is when they sit in my car the second time around and they forget it?!?!?!?! I mean wft? You don’t do that with a condom – why with a seat belt?

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